Power Surf Central FAQ's

Why don't you give better instructions
on the Affiliate page?

Wish we could, but the affiliate page is an encoded script to deliver and allow easy rebranding. Therefore it is not possible at this time for us to edit that page. We have tried to use the Item 2 file to give a brief overview. Current instructions above the links came with the script for general instructions, not editable.

Where do I find my Power Surf Central Affiliate ID?

Login to your affiliate page. There you will see all active reports and pages to be branded. Your affiliate ID # is the number immediately after ?id= in each link. It is the one number that is constant in all your links.

I don't understand my affiliate link?

The Power Surf Central affiliate links are those found on your affiliate page to use for advertising all the reports and pages with your branded referral links.

Example Affiliate Link:

In the above example xxx is your PSC affiliate ID #, and y designates the report, referred to as a book number. The only part of the link that is different for each of your affiliate links is y.

Can I track my affiliate link?

Yes, on your affiliate page, you will find instructions for tracking your links. To track, simply add &tid=xxxxx to the end of your affiliate link. xxxx can be anything you wish to identify where you have placed the link. By clicking the Stats link at the top of your affiliate page you can view how many clicks each of your tracking links have recorded.

Why do you suggest cloaking my affiliate link?

As with all affiliate links, some people feel the desire to chop off your affiliate ID, who knows why other than to cheat someone out of their referrals. Secondly we feel that by cloaking your link, it becomes shorter and less cumbersome when adding to your email campaigns. We highly recommend cloaking ALL your affiliate links for any program you wish to advertise.

I am not a member of all the programs,
how do I re-brand these?

It is not necessary to be a member of all the programs in each report or page available for rebranding. When rebranding each report, if you are not a member leave the default as is, only replace the referral ID's of the programs you are a member of.

Should you wish to join a program you are not a member of, join from the links in each report. This builds and benefits ALL members of Power Surf Central. By following the PSC member you received the report from, we build the PSC system within which is a huge benefit for all concerned.

I have rebranded all the reports,
what do I do now?

In a nut shell, advertise your links, give your ebook affiliate links, reports, and pages to anyone and everyone you can. This is the purpose and ease of rebranding using the PSC system. It is called viral marketing. People appreciate getting free reports they themselves can use to build their list or offer as a bonus for joining their program. The more downloaded copies of your branded reports that end up on someone's desktop, the better. Even if they don't read it right away, when they do, your referral links are embedded to build your downline for each program when clicked.

What happens when you update an ebook?

Should a report, ebook, or page be updated, using your affiliate link to advertise means you are advertising the most recent copy. One of the beauties of the PSC system. Notification of updates may be sent to all those who have subscribed for update notifications. Should a new program or link be added, you will need to check your affiliate links and update the report with your referral ID's

It is always a good idea to check and update your branded links on a regular basis. Changes can be made anytime by clicking the link in the Setup Rebranding Fields column for each report or page.

My question is not answered?

If your questions are not answered, please contact us. For a better understanding of the entire Power Surf Central system, we highly recommend you read the Power Surf Central Ultimate Guide found on your affiliate page, which of course can also be rebranded and given away.