Power Surf Central Resource Center

Power Surf Central is a joint venture between Hit Safari and Soaring4traffic to provide extra rewards for traffic exchange members including other projects such as this resource center. As of August 3rd, 2009 our new partner RealHitz4u has joined the team.

The Resource Center will provide access to reports, E-Books, and other informational products related to traffic exchanges and online marketing. Not only access but the option to brand these reports with your referral information. Plus a simple method to deliver your branded copies without the need of a website.

Grab Current Downloads:

The Power Surf Central Ultimate Guide!
=> Down Load Here!

Traffic Exchange SOS: Secrets of Success!
=> Down Load Here!

Soaring4Traffic Surf Center Guide!
=> Down Load Here!

Now that you have seen how easy it is to download those products, maybe you would like to rebrand them with your referral ID's? If so follow the simple steps below.

No need to download zip files, rebrand the book, upload images or branded copy of the book to your website. You can now do it all here. You will be given an affiliate link to advertise your branded copy of all reports currently offered, plus any future offers. You will always have the latest version of each.

A one time setup is needed for access to ALL products offered. Open the affiliate center in a new window, Click Here!

Read and follow instructions. Enter your email address, choose a password, tick the box if you are new to this site. Hit Submit. Your email address becomes your login username. No email will be sent, this is only used should you forget your password. Admin does not have access to your password, please keep track of it.

Hitting the Submit button will automatically assign you an affiliate number and direct you to the affiliate center item screen. Bookmark the page for future logins.

The affiliate link page includes detailed instructions. You will see these labels. Item Title, Setup Branking Links, Rebranding Status, your Affiliate Link, plus additional information about the product.

Step 1: Choose the item you wish to advertise. Rebrand each report by clicking the link in the Setup Rebranding Fields column. You will see default referral ID's. Change those to your personal referral ID for each program. Not a member, leave the field as defaulted. Click Submit to save. You have now branded the report with your referral ID's. That was easy, right?

Step 2: Click the Item Screen button at top of page. Now click your Affiliate Link. This is your link to advertise. You will see a Download link at the bottom of your affiliate page. Click the download link. Open the book, check your referral links inside. If not correct, go back and correct by repeating Step 1.

Step 3: Copy, save your affiliate link for each product. Begin your advertising by placing your affiliate link in traffic exchanges, adding to your site, emailing your list. Do not spam.

You will be able to check stats, change your profile, check for more products added, and add tracking to your links. Follow details on your affiliate center page. Your affiliate link will always include the latest download for each product should it be updated.

When rebranding and asked for your Power Surf Central affiliate ID, it is found in your link. The number immediately after ?id=. The number you see there is your unique PSC affiliate ID number.

Now it's time to start advertising. Give your affiliate link for each product to your subscriber list, or use to build your list. Remember, the more reports you give away with your branded referral links, the better. It's Viral Marketing at its best.

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